Tuesday, October 7, 2014


We all have our little buttons that push us over the edge and little things that rub each other the wrong way.  Things that aggravate us and things we do to aggravate others.  It's called being human.

In marriage, these little things either have to be overlooked or they can light a fire of discord faster than lightning!

One little thing that has ALWAYS bugged me and has been a point of discord in our marriage (and even before that while in college, trips away from home, etc...) for me has been that little button on the alarm clock or little flick of the finger on our phones...

The darn snooze button.

My husband is of the life-style of hit it at least four or five times.  He sets alarm after alarm, knowing he's NOT going to get up on any of the first several ones.

I'm of the camp that you set the clock for the time you need to get up and you get up, perhaps hitting snooze ONCE if at all.

It's always aggravated me to hear that alarm of his going off....over and over....and over.  Back up to the back up of the back up.....of the back up. My theory has been turn those first ones off and sleep WELL for that extra amount of time instead of constantly being in and out of sleep for thirty to forty five minutes.  Sometimes, he *may* get a not so gentle nudge to turn that thing off and get up.  Just maybe.

Lately, I've noticed that I've started hitting snooze more and more often.  Just not ready to face the day.  Just wanting to grab a few more minutes of head on the pillow.  Avoidance.  Even though I know it's going to make me have to rush around and start the day stressed, I've been hitting it.

In the last several days of sliding that button on my phone over to the ZZZZZZ's instead of the eye icon showing "I'm awake", I've been feeling a nudge from the Holy Spirit about the way that has trickled down in my life.

Now, I'll first step in here and say there's absolutely nothing wrong with hitting the snooze button to get up in the morning.  It's a matter of preference.  It's a matter of personality.

The nudge has been coming from a deeper place. The pit of my soul.

"Are you snoozing or are you getting up?"  seems to be the question in my life right now.

Am I up facing the day or hiding under the covers?

Am I letting life pass me by or am I hitting it full steam ahead?

Am I being purposeful or letting it slip by?

Am I waiting for someone else to solve a problem, take care of a need, etc... or am I the one willing to do it?

Am I being proactive in going to Him or am I just hoping He'll step in and rescue me at the last minute when I find myself in a mess?

Am I making the changes in my life that I need to make or am I still doing things the same way and getting nowhere?

Am I encouraging that friend, praying that prayer, helping out that neighbor immediately or am I putting it on my "list" for later and letting the moment slip away?

Am I listening to the Holy Spirit and acting in obedience or am waiting to see if I hear that message again before I act?

Well, honesty admits....

There's been too much snoozing lately.

Much too much.

Even though Kevin and I just returned from a weekend getaway, he decided it was still prudent that we take our scheduled Monday night date night last night.  We knew we needed to talk about multiple things that we began discussing during our trip and making progress on goals and such.  One of the many things we discussed is that we BOTH are feeling a sense of urgency.  A wake up call.  A let's stop stalling and start moving forward.  A feeling of we aren't content with just floating through life right now, we want to be actively pursuing the path that He has for us.  Actively pursuing connection and growth.  Actively make decisions that draw us closer to God.  Actively in connection to Him and to others.

Not hitting the snooze button.

Getting up and getting going.  Moving forward.  Actively pursuing Him.

Not just letting life fly by.

*(Even though I'm sure tomorrow morning his long list of alarms will go off and I'll love him anyway.  I'll even try to be nice and not "accidentally" kick him when it's gone off too many times or for too long.  Try.)*

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