Sunday, January 5, 2014

Time to Move

The new year is here, though I'm quite certain you are aware of that.  I knew it was coming at a rapid pace, but actually looking at the pages of a planning calendar to plan the next several weeks was actually a shock. 

It's here!  Say what? 

This year. 



To Be.



One for the memory books.

We, as a couple and as a family unit, KNOW this year is different.  It's "our" year.  Our year to embrace life differently.  We do live life differently than many, but this year it's even more so.

This year....

We move.

"Move" is our word focus of the year.  Previous years we've done simplify, purpose (as in be purposeful/intentional), courageous (live courageously and focused heavily on "stronger. together") and last year was choose.  It was a powerful year for growth and change.  We definitely made some choices that changed the direction of our home.  I definitely didn't always make the right choices and fell short of my own expectations.  Looking back over that post now I see where I fell short and where I still need to grow and change. 

This year's focus of "move" as our word came EASILY.  Oh so easy.  Granted, fulfilling that word is going to be hard and a battle.  However, we are fight the battle against the enemy. 

We plan to move.

Out of our comfort zones.

Away from things that blind our vision for what God asks.

Away from the "normal" way of living.

Away from unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, anger, pride and all those things that cause separation. One step at a time. 

We plan to move.

Towards Him.
Towards each other.
Towards the calling He has placed in our hearts.

Yes, that even means we plan to physically move.  To another continent.  Thousands upon thousands miles away. Whether the actual move takes place this year or 2015, we are moving ahead.  Taking those crazy steps that feel so impossible right now.  Embracing that God is moving IN us and accepting the call to take the steps. He can't open the next door for us until we move ahead and start the procedures.  As terrifying as it is and VERY unnerving, we ARE ready.  We are ready to be moved for Him.

This year.

We begin new decades.  I will turn 40.  Kevin will turn 50. 

Another one of our children will hit his official teenage years.

 Our oldest will begin her senior year of high school.  The day that I never imagined would come is rapidly approaching.  When we began home education, we NEVER dreamed we would see the results of finishing what we started.  God has been beyond faithful.  It began with a stirring in my heart and then MOVED to a passion that couldn't be denied.

Perhaps our biggest MOVE will be that we want to MOVE out of the way.  Get out of the way of ourselves.  Move out the garbage hidden in our hearts. Move in step with Him.  With His guidance.  With His heart beating inside of us. 

We know that we might find that some days we move backwards.  We may find that some walls feel immovable. We may find that some steps in moving forward might feel like more than we can do.

That IS reality.

However, He is much stronger and much more capable than we can comprehend.

As long as we are moving with Him, we will be moving in His direction.  In His time.

2014---we are ready!  You may have come at us faster than expected, but we are ready.  Ready to move. 

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