Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Direction



Those two words have been on my heart heavily recently. 

Together and separately. 

Remembering to keep my priorities. 
Embracing change.
Remembering that priorities can change.

Changing priorities is exactly what I find myself focusing on.

It's a new year and so many have made resolutions and possibly since it's day 7 of the year, already dropped many of them.

Though I didn't make specific resolutions, which I know is *gasp* shocking for someone who thrives on list making, I am finding myself contemplative and introspective even more than usual.

It's true. 

My priorities are changing.

My direction with my blog is changing.  I had some opportunities to grow and expand, but it is no longer in my heart.  I have had multiple opportunities to kick up my number of reviews and product give-a-ways.  I had the chance to use a "big" name in Christian publishing/media as an endorsement and partnership to receive more followers/views/receive more products.  I even was approached multiple times about writing a devotional book for women. 

My heart is no longer in it.

I no longer care what my analytics look like.  I no longer care about whether my number of viewers are up or down.  I no longer am anxious to see who "likes" or shares my link.


It's not about me.


It's NOT about ME.

I value each person that takes the time to read my thoughts....



My audience of one, THE one, is all that matters.

My direction is changing.


My heart is to grow in Him, love others deeper, and to be His hands and feet.  My role is to teach my children how to grow more in Him each day AND to learn how to learn.  It is to prepare them for whatever road God has waiting for them and to allow them to reach out for whatever their calling is.

My priorities are changing because my eyes are opening more and more to what God has waiting for us.

I don't want to live for me. 

I want to live for Him. 

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