Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thanks, God

God sure knows what we need and just in time He can provide those things. 

I'm just simply....


With the struggles of the last couple of weeks and a rough day, my husband and I went out for our weekly date night (though not our normal day).  Date nights for us are far from glamorous.  We spend very little money most weeks so that we can put money aside for a night away every few months (though we've only been able to do this for the last year).  However, the time together is what matters and allows us to continue to fall in love deeper and stronger. Last night was simply take-out eaten in the car at the park.  Way beyond too frigid to get out---though DREAMING of those days coming again! It was like being given a life vest before being thrown overboard. Just to sit and talk, have someone listen and then having him pray over situations and invite the Holy Spirit to fill in missing gaps....priceless. Even if he had to stop our time together and run across the street to Walgreens to grab some meds when I got hit with a migraine unprepared! After getting home and the kids in bed, I enjoyed a hot shower (uninterrupted!) and came out to him waiting with a bowl of chocolate ice cream.  Yes, that's a man pursuing my heart!  So thankful.  Beyond thankful.

This morning, God knew I needed a boost to my heart and He provided. 

Due to a change in Wednesday schedules beginning today, I have until the afternoon before any "littles" arrive.  I had the true gift of letting my 7 year old get in bed with me after his daddy went to work.  Instead of having to be up and going at full speed ahead, I enjoyed embracing those snuggles and praying with my little guy.  He isn't one to sleep in very long, so we were able to do school, one-on-one in bed without distractions and finished his FULL day by 9 AM.  The big kids were able to sleep in (and I'm hoping that makes for some improved moods!).  Having a little bit of money stashed away for rainy days (or in the case of today...SNOWY day!), I was able to send our oldest out to pick up breakfast from our favorite little hole-in-the-wall diner as a treat.  She works later today so it's nice to just slow down and take the time to be "us".  Just together.  Simple. 

Thank you GOD for the gift of a family that thrives on time together.

My heart was also given the treasure of some encouraging words from someone VERY dear to my growing up years and young adulthood.  Having recently reconnected (thanks once again to a positive of social media), it was an overwhelming gift to my heart to hear from her. 

Thanks, God.

Because the day is about to pick up speed and these days don't come so often, I'm even more thankful for the gift He's given.

It's about perspective.  It's about keeping my eyes open to the real treasures in life.

He most definitely has given them to me.  In abundance.

Most thankful for the reminder to cherish them.  More every day.  The hard days, the good days, and the ordinary days. 

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