Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sisters By Heart

There are very few times in this life that I'm left mostly without words, seldom ever without the ability for words to flow from the fingertips.

This is one such time. 

My heart has been rejoicing and my heart has selfishly been hurting.  God gave me a priceless gift in my husband and then in my children.  Throughout life He has placed friends in my life that have been a direct gift from Him.  There is one such friend that He has given as a sister of the heart in countless ways....

The time is rapidly coming that she and her family will be embarking on a God-ordained, God-given mission as they begin a life in South Africa. 

Though I may not forever by so "short" with words on this topic....

For now I am....

All I have to say is:

From this heart here, to your heart there....we'll forever by God's sisters of the heart....and may some day God's mission for our lives reconnect our hearts geographically! 

Until then......thank heavens for technology! :) 

You can follow the journey of this precious husband and wife team and their 3 children at whisper listening and through Blessman Ministries !

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