Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Heart Cleaning

I admit it.  I have spring fever worse than I've had it in a very long time. 

I'm antsy. 

I'm moody. 

I'm energetic one second and lethargic the next. 

I'm ready for some sunshine. 

I'm super ready for some cleaning. 

Yes, I just said that. 

I'm "itching" to purge, organize, and scrub.  It's therapeutic on so many levels.

Though spring isn't really showing its face around here yet, the snow is officially melted and I see a few tiny sprigs of green peaking through. 

Seeing those few green sprigs coupled with some mounting stress, I "HAD" to find a spot and attack it this morning. I knew I didn't have time to do a major project, but I could find something to make a small difference with. 

So....I started the attack on the kitchen.

I really like the look of clean countertops, but since we don't have much cabinet space, that's hard to come by.  I really do desire the uncluttered, chaos free spaces.  I love to look up and just see a blank slate, most especially when I'm stressed. 

I finally realized that if I want that open space, I HAVE to make space in the cabinets for the things that are sitting out.  Without much space to spare, that meant I had to get rid of things. 

And boy did I....

I mean really, how many pots does one really need?  There are only four spots on the stove!  How many bread and pie pans does it really take, even on a baking frenzy day?  Do I really need those specialty items that rarely get used or just used during a certain season (like during canning season) or can I move those to the basement or garage?

I'm not done, yet, but I did clear up enough space to rediscover my countertops.  I now have a space to look at that brings about calm instead of clutter.  I still have to go finish some more cabinets and organize and toss/donate things, but I made progress.  I even got out the murphy's and polished the cabinet fronts and washed blinds. 

In the middle of the mess I made.... (have you ever noticed that when you start a cleaning project you initially make a BIGGER mess!)

God found me.

He reminded my heart that I need to be doing the same things in my own heart and soul. 

Are there things I need to let go of?  Is there too much clutter?  Am I leaving my "counters" clean or am I letting junk build up?

What gunk is hiding in the corners needing to be washed away? What little mess have I allowed to spiral out of control?

Perhaps, I need to give some of what's lurking in my cabinets away.  Meaning, I need to give it to Him instead of trying to stuff more and hide it behind doors. 

Well, you know what happens when you stuff too much behind a door?

Someone will open that door at the wrong moment and it will all come falling out.  That's been known to happen a time or two (or a million or two!) with our closets!

In my own heart, I can stuff and stuff until someone says just the wrong (or right) word and it all can explode out of me like a pressure cooker letting off steam. 

It isn't pretty.

God reminded me that my heart is in need of some spring cleaning.  I'm most definitely looking forward to this weekend at Hearts at Home National Conference.  I know so much will minister to my heart during those few days.  I always come away challenged, convicted (not condemned) and renewed. 

I've been spending the last several days and will continue spending time this week just trying to get my heart prepared.  I know that many attend just to get a break from "mom reality" and relax.  THAT is super important and a GREAT plus to the weekend, but I'm ready for what it does on the inside of my heart.  The laughs will be incredible ( I've seen Anita Renfroe live before and my cheeks and abs hurt for several days from the laughter!) and are definitely a prescription that is needed when life feels so heavy.  Yet, it's the depth I'm craving and I KNOW I won't come home disappointed.  As with previous years, I know that I'll come home overwhelmed and on overload.  I'll actually feel somewhat more stressed than I left because it's just SO much to absorb.  However, in the days that follow....my heart will begin to soak in all of the nuggets of truth and encouragement.

I will grow and stretch.  God will clean out many of those "cabinets" of my heart.  It will leave room for me to be able to fill them only with what He desires. 

Spring cleaning isn't just for the physical home. It's for the heart as well. 

Ready for both.  Even though it's not the easiest process. 

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