Monday, March 11, 2013

Letting God Do What He Does Best

Part of yesterday's Mission Conference  included a missionary speaker from Indonesia.  Let me just say:  he had ABUNDANT enthusiasm.  For those that were there yesterday, you totally know what I mean.  He has the energy of my 6 year old!

Aside from the joy he brought as he spoke, he definitely has caused us to really be introspective about mission work. 

Coloring Sheets and a Guitar....

He talked about how they didn't know where to start when they began their ministry.  They knew that God was calling them to be His hands and feet, but they didn't now how.  After the volcanic eruption (2010?) when most of the Americans left and thousands of locals became refugees, they decided to stay behind and try to help, even without running water or electricity for 4 months. How? What?

They began with coloring sheets and a guitar in a refugee center.

God did the rest. 

Because of their willingness to do what they could, even though it felt like so little....God was able to step in and do what He does best. 

Create miracles. 

He did it in the Bible.  Just one example: feeding of the five thousand from just a few fish and loaves of bread offered by a little boy.

Their obedience and willingness to serve opened the door for others to partner with them to bring about much needed help to an area in desperate need.  That then opened the doors for the ministry of the gospel and the conversion of many Muslims to Christianity. Now they literally have a waiting list of individuals waiting to be baptized.  A definite work of God!

His words really struck a chord with me.  All afternoon his words kept echoing in my heart and then all night I kept tossing and turning with the question running through my head....

What are our coloring sheets and guitar?

We are in that same place of not knowing what to do, but knowing we want to serve. 
We are in that same place of not having much to give, but know we can give of ourselves.

It's a visual reminder of how God can do so much with so little when you have willing hands and a willing heart. 

We are praying that God will reveal to us what our coloring sheets and guitar of offering to Him will be and how to use them.   I know the timing of yesterday's message was perfect for our hearts.  It reminded us that "little can be much when God is in it".

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