Friday, July 16, 2010

VBS Worship---AMAZING!

VBS regular program ended last night and we have a family finale tonight. The kids will get to see a video made during the week, sing all the songs for their parents, share what they have been learning, and top off the night with bounce houses and ice cream sandwiches. They will have a blast (and I am already dreading how much energy it will take to keep up with Bradlee!).

I was able to sneak over to the worship center to see a couple of minutes of worship time. Let me tell you, there isn't a heart hard enough in this world to have not been moved by that scene. I came in the back doors and all I could see was kids jumping, hands in the air, dancing all over the place...singing at the top of their lungs. HUNDREDS of kids and more adults than I could count filled that room. From the back, you MIGHT have mistaken it just as entertainment or "fun". Granted, they WERE having fun. Because Bradlee was in the front and I couldn't see him over the older elementary kids, I slipped back out and went in the front doors. It was at that point that I immediately couldn't hold back the tears. THEIR faces told an incredible story. It wasn't JUST entertainment, it was their hearts that were singing. These little kids TOTALLY were absorbed in just the purest form of worship. They were giving God ALL of them without worry of what they looked like, sounded like, or who saw them.

Watching Bradlee just melted me. As long as he didn't see me, he was actively participating. He was singing each and every word and doing all of the motions. When they would say one of the bible points, He immediately shouted out the proper response. He came home telling us ALL of the stories.

All of that confirms that our children are completely absorbing everything around them. Since I was completely wrapped up in Goodies from the Galley, I didn't get the opportunity to listen to the stories, learn the songs, or know much of the nightly happenings. We didn't go home and "practice" the songs or learn the memory verses. HE learned those just because of the great people around him. EACH and every person that walked on our campus this week made that happen. I fully believe in teaching kids, especially the very young, about God. If any time anyone doubts that it is worth it or that it works, your mind would have instantly changed upon watching those little ones. Their hearts and minds are just like little sponges waiting to soak up anything and everything around them. That is why it is so important that it is soaking up things of God, not things of the world.

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