Thursday, February 20, 2014

Holding the Keys

My husband will probably not be pleased with me for sharing this story....



Work has been T.O.U.G.H for him.  He's definitely going through some heavy trials and situations.  So at the end of the day, he feels like his brain is mush.  (Moms, we KNOW that feeling, too!).  Earlier this week, he had *promised* to leave work on time (this is one area that he seldom fulfills, but it's also the area I offer the most grace...MOST of the time!). The last I heard about thirty minutes before his anticipated leaving time was that he was on track time-wise.  He calls when he is leaving work and the clocked ticked on past the time he said.  I didn't think much about it because....well....his intentions are always great....but....  :)

He finally called when he was rolling down the interstate and began to tell me a story that I may not let him live down.  Well, at least not any time soon.  Or maybe not until I give him the chance to laugh at me over something. 

Apparently, he DID officially leave on time.  Unfortunately, he got all the way out the door and to his car and realized he didn't have his keys.  It's not a short walk to go back.  Going back in through security and getting back to his office takes several minutes.  He got back to his office and discovered that of course his office door was locked as it should be. Which meant he would have to go through a major hassle of finding someone with a master key.  NOT something he wanted to do, most especially after the day he'd already had.  As he walked off to start the search, he realized something.  He realized something very important. 

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

This is great...


Yes, he'd had them in his hands from the first moment he was standing at his car.  He walked back in with them in his hand.  Passing door after checkpoint, etc...

In his hand.

Distracted to say the least. 

Totally out of focus. 

I laughed with him as he was telling the story driving home.  Who am I kidding...I was laughing at him. We needed the laugh.  The kids were rolling in the floor when I told them.  It was a GREAT ice breaker after a hard day.

Today I'm not laughing. 

I'm not laughing because God reminded me I'm in the same boat. 

I'm living life distracted.

It's one of satan's greatest tools of destruction in a Christian's life. 

Distract us from truth.
Distract us from God's calling.
Distract us from being focused on where our eyes should be fixed.
Distract us from letting God lead.
Distract us from growth by keeping us I bondage to our failures, instead of walking in grace and forgiveness.

I'm guilty of living distracted.

Too many things going on and not balancing my time efficiently. 
Being too concerned with what others might think (surely I grew out of this at 15, right?).
Too caught up in fear and doubts to take the next step.
Having too many situations going on to have the ability to focus on just one or two (that's REAL life, right?).

Oh, the list could go on for so many countless distractions. 

I'm no different than my husband was while standing there looking for keys that were in his hands the whole time.

I have keys that can unlock any door. 

I have Christ LIVING in me.
I have HIS word that is ALIVE and POWERFUL.
I have the ability to pray prayers that can move mountains if I have the faith to believe in them.
I have the Holy Spirit.  I was reminded today reading Luke 12 that the Holy Spirit is a TEACHER.

I have the my hand....

I just can't be so distracted from using them. 

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Anonymous said...

Ok, you made a very good point even if it was at my expense. I have felt that way lately so often. Totally out of focus unable to connect with you, God, our kids, and anything else important. Satan may not have created the orders at work that never seem to stop but he sure doesn't mind using it to come between me and all that is important.