Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last Week: Craft Marathon Fun!

Last week was one of those weeks that was busy and non-stop, but I found myself with this incredible, insatiable desire to tackle some craft projects that had been sitting and calling my name for what feels like AGES.  I had been waiting until I had extra time to just devote fully to them.  That time just never really was going to show up, so I finally realized that I could at least start them and none of them weren't things that I couldn't do in small steps.  I really found myself taking advantage of nap time and those few minutes at a time when between one and five kids were actively involved in something (which means seconds or minutes!).

I thrive on being crafty and creative (though I'm not in the slightest artistic!) and it was good for my soul to get a few things done.  It definitely put an extra smile on my face, brought joy, and made me feel productive!

Project 1: Galvanized Steel Pail Covered for outside use on the patio to either be used as a planter or to hold   various little items that I keep close by for the littles (bubbles, chalk, sunscreen, hotwheels, etc...)

Project 2: This one was the most sentimental and it was one that I had been wanting to do for quite awhile, but emotionally just wasn't ready.  With Father's Day being that weekend, I knew it was time.  I took one of my Dad's "famous" dress shirts and made it into an apron.  I originally planned on making a memory bear, but a friend suggested an apron and I KNEW that was exactly what I wanted to do.  I am passionate about aprons because of what they represent and I have just fallen in love with them (like some women and shoes).  I do admit that making those first cuts were very nerve wracking! However, the finished product is a priceless treasure.  I combined several different pinterest ideas and then just kind of went out on my own once I got started.

Project 3:  an antique house mailbox that we bought last summer at our local PACA store (organization that removes materials from old homes to be repurposed).  I painted it to be used on the porch to hold papers and such that people drop off when we aren't home.  I also thought it would be special to use it as a mailbox for family use (not through the mail system).  It currently is sitting on a table, but I think we may attach it to the house.

Project 4: I recently recovered our porch glider cushion with the black and white pattern you see above and I had wanted to add red pillows as soon as I picked out the fabric.  Pillows are expensive so I knew I'd eventually have to make them.  We had just started loading up another van full of things to take to be donated and as a last second decision I grabbed some white battenburg lace pillows back out of the stack.  They no longer matched our bedding and I had planned to pass them along to someone else, but then I realized it would work well recovered.  Another easy project with a great pop of color!

and a glimpse of everything pulled together for a spot that I love to spend the mornings enjoying
At this point, it was getting close to time to get things together for Bradlee's 7th Birthday, but I just couldn't resist starting another project.  The DIY craft bug had bitten and overtaken. 

So I started a quilt top for a new baby.  I plan to finish it this weekend and then I have a big project ready to tackle that I can hardly wait to get finished!  (Yes, this has caused my reading passion to slow down, but I still finished 5 books this week! LOL)

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