Saturday, June 8, 2013

A "New" Way to Get His Word

There is no doubt in my mind to the validity of the importance of studying scripture.  Reading it.  Memorizing it.  Soaking it in.

It's a life line.  Like American express:  you can't leave home without it.  You can't really live without The Word in your heart.


Life falls apart.

Faster than the speed of light.

That's my experience!

I. Fall. Apart.

Unfortunately, I fall apart way too often because I'm not getting enough time in The Word.

I KNOW its importance.
I DESIRE that time.
I CRAVE the results.
I NEED it (even more than chocolate!!! LOL!)


If I'm not careful, life slips in and divides my attention.

I begin to slowly slip on my priorities.  Well---sometimes I take a NOSE DIVE from my priorities. Just being honest and transparent.


It shows. I'm not the person I want to be when I'm not in His Word.

Lately, I've been CRAVING this personal time with God more than I ever have before.  A fire has been ignited.  I feel like a sponge waiting to soak it in.


My attention is divided.  I'm too tired to get up early.  Or I get up early and my early riser immediately wants my attention.  Or I sit down to spend that time and my mind is going at hyper-speed and I can't focus.  Or God is working in so many areas that I can't slow down and focus on what is right in front of me. As my husband will attest, I'm like a computer with WAY too many windows open! :)

I finally came up with a solution that is helping tremendously.  TREMENDOUSLY.

I don't know why I didn't think about it before.

WRITE the scriptures.

Sometimes simple is better.

I always write down important verses and take notes, but I'm talking about writing entire chapters, books, or passages of study.

No matter how many times I get distracted, I can pick right back up where I was.  My focus knows exactly where to plug back in.

Currently, I'm writing out James.

First, I've been writing it out from the NIV (my version of choice right now) and making notes in a different color in the margin with key words noted.

And then on another page, I write any verses from different versions that I like or speak to my heart in a different way.  Sometimes I use my parallel Bible, but more often I use (now called Bible hub).

I also journal personal thoughts, prayers, application separately when time allows.

I am LOVING what a difference it makes.  Whether I can spent just a couple of minutes (or even seconds on the crazy days), I know I can come back and write just a few words or lines throughout the day.

Some seasons of life are just harder for moms to pour in that time without interruption, but I'm finding that THOSE are the seasons I need it MOST.  THOSE are the exact times I become the most weary and need refreshing.  THOSE are the exact times that satan can slip in and cause havoc.  THOSE are the exact times that I need God the most.  It's the WORST time to be letting my priority of being in The Word slip.

I'm thankful for the help this solution is providing.  I love to read (already 200+ books since September).  I read VERY quickly.  Writing causes me to slow down and focus, allowing my heart and brain to absorb more.  I also am partial to seeing the written word (which is why I cherish handwritten notes and cards)---and as my stacks of scripture notes grow---I know that it's visual appealing to me, but it's affecting my heart in positive ways.  THAT is what matters most!

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