Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Before and After----His Arms!

About 18 months ago, I got a message that changed my life.

Life became divided into "before and after".

It's amazing how one little message can do that.

Our journey with uncertainty began.  Excruciating journey of a battle that was only won in heaven.  Not on earth as we hoped.

Many others of you know that same feeling.

 It may or may not have been cancer or death.  It may have been shocking news about a spouse's infidelity.  It may have been a loss of a job.  Whatever it was, it was life-changing.

My heart has been VERY heavy for a dear friend that has had lots of those "messages" recently.  Illness and death has knocked on their door way too many times lately.  I've been heartsick.  Wanting to do something, anything to make it better.  Yet, I know that prayer and encouragement is the greatest gift I can offer.  I can't change the circumstances (though I would if I could).  Even though I know what they are going through and can be empathetic....their journey is still THEIR journey and is raw and PERSONAL to them.  It doesn't matter how many people have been down that similar road, it's totally different when it is YOUR path.

Today, I got another such message.

One that pretty much knocked me off my feet.  It took me back to that moment we got the message concerning Daddy.  All in a whirlwind of moments, I felt it all again.  I was literally sick just with how it all  hit. So hard.  So raw.  Today was an emotional roller-coaster I wasn't expecting.  Thankfully I have an incredible rock of a husband, amazing kids, and some precious babies to hug and play with.

You see, you NEVER want anyone else to have to walk a painful path, most especially when I know how  much it ripped my own world apart and how difficult of a battle it has been to cling to my faith.

I know that you find out how strong you really are.  I know that you find out that God REALLY is as close as you need Him to be.

I know those excruciating minutes, days, hours of waiting and wondering.  The questions.  The overwhelming information being thrown at you in whirlwind flashes.

I know that you run on adrenaline and in the quiet moments when you think no one is around, you let the walls cave and don't know if you can pull yourself back together.

I know all about the strong outer shell and the inner turmoil.

I know the devastation of watching a hero suffer and how your brain can't process what you are seeing with what you heart is feeling.

For those of you facing similar situations, for my dear friend that life has hit so HARD lately, and most specifically for the one whose world became divided into "before and after" today and those that love you......

You won't walk alone.  Guaranteed.  We will be here.  We will lift you when you can't stand.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, HE will lift you.  His arms will reach you.  Life really isn't fair at times, but God will NEVER take you where His arms can't reach you.  EVEN when you are furious at Him.  EVEN when you no longer want to be on speaking terms.  His arms WILL reach you!  He WILL give you the courage, strength, and ability to face EACH and EVERY uncertain moment.

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Debbie said...

You are such a good friend. They are really blessed to have you there for them!