Friday, December 2, 2011

Homeschool Mom Organization Help & a Giveaway!

If you catch just about any homeschool mom and ask her what one of her greatest battles is, you will probably get various answers.  Of course getting her to sit still long enough to tell you might be a challenge.  :) However, I without a doubt believe one of those top answers is going to be organization.  Most especially if she mas multiple children. 

I admit that is is one of my greater struggles.  I'm not a rigid by the books mom that has a set time for each subject, or a set in stone group of requirements.  However, I struggle with fitting everything in.  Organization is one of my greatest strengths and one of my greatest weaknesses.  Hard to explain how it can fall under both, but that's how I describe myself. 

I also LOVE pretty things.  I'm visually oriented.  I "NEED" physical things around me to remind me of what I feel is important.  If you walk in our home and look around you are going to immediately notice that faith and family are my two most treasured "possessions".  It's evident in the reminders that you see sitting around.  Scripture, quotes, and pictures adorn every wall and every surface.  I NEED it! Gosh, you can't even make a stop in a bathroom without scripture verses or quotes being on a mirror!  (OK----now I admit that if you've been in our home in the last couple of weeks you might have had to step over toys, Christmas decor boxes, and such.  You've probably had to walk past the dead plants in the yard and the dead grass.  You've probably noticed this LARGE TV sitting in the middle of the living room floor because at the moment we don't have a sturdy enough table/entertainment center to hold it and it was given to us by a neighbor.  Since it's a major upgrade from our 24 inch, 12 year old one.....well, it is just going to sit there for awhile.  You've probably had to push baby gear out of the way if you want to sit down.  I really don't care because I LOVE the joy that having a baby in our house brings.  Just pretend you didn't see all of those things and you did notice all of the "other" things that remind me of faith and family.)  I'm drawn to things that give me a visual reminder of what is important.
The Well-Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner July  2011 - June 2012  -     
        By: Rebecca Scarlata Keliher

The Well-Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner by Home Educating Family Publishers is a super combination of pretty and practical!  A visual reminder of what matters and the practicality of organizing. The family planner is great for multiple children!  It is designed for up to 4 children.  Wahoo!!!! 

Some of my favorite features besides just general organizing....
  • Encouraging articles (such as Raising Heavenly Minded Children, And on the 7th Day God Rested)
  • Tear out shopping lists
  • Beautiful design/artwork and encouraging quotes and scripture
  • Semester Goals
  • Card Registry----keep up with sending cards to encourage others
  • Spots for Meal Planning
  • Attendance Reports
  • Progress Reports
I'm going to be giving away a copy of the planner 2011-2012.  Obviously the first half won't be very usable since the days have already passed.  However, this IS the perfect time to start getting organized for the 2nd half of the year.  It's a perfect planner to have in place when the new year rolls around and those resolutions you make for the new year are ready to follow through on.  I also think having this particular plan is the perfect way to try it out and see if you want to purchase one for the next school year.  Try it out for the 2nd semester of this year and see if it helps you organize your life a little better.  They also have student planners for all levels of students.  Adriana is using the high school planner that takes her through all 4 years and keeps a running record of her accomplishments and will come in handy as we plan for college.  Yikes!!! Did I just admit my daughter is old enough to be thinking about college?  I try to ignore those phone calls and avoid reality of that day coming soon (just like her daily reminder of how close she is getting to her permit and license!). 

I'd love to give away the Family Planner to one reader.  It doesn't matter if you have won a giveaway from me before or not.  PLEASE enter! 

To enter, just comment with one of the things you struggle with as a homeschool mother the most!  Time?  Balancing the needs of everyone (that is mine!)?  Making curriculum decisions?  What stresses you the most or the most often?  Maybe just list what is stressing you today!   (As a side note, I'll also be praying that whatever that struggle is that God will send you a HUGE boost in that department!)

Let's end this giveaway on December 10th.  Winner will be chosen by and must have a US shipping address. 


Linda said...

I struggle to stay motivated. Sometimes we make great progress, curriculum is great, then a doctor's appointment, or other outside obligation comes along and messes up my best laid plans. Sometimes it is something as simple as my having to work late, meaning it is hard for me to get up the next morning. It is easy to say, well, I will just let school slide today. I have to make the conscious decision to go back to homeschooling, or the next day is harder, and the next day even harder. Anyway, staying motivated is my biggest challenge!
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Kathryn said...

Balance and knowing that I am doing enough! I often think, "Am I teaching them everything they need to know?"

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

My challenge is to stop thinking "Am I doing this the right way? Could he learn better from someone else? Am I doing enough?" Thanks for the give-a-way. I have been wanting to check out this planner for a while.