Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I love technology.  I may not be the "best" at learning to use it, but I like it.  However, there is a popular technology that I said I would NEVER use.  Well, you know the saying....."Never say Never". 


For years, I hated it.  I didn't trust it.  I didn't want to use it.  I would rather carry a big, bulky map and navigate Kevin.  Then came the time that I started taking trips by myself.  I STILL refused to use it.  I would much rather use mapquest and print out directions.  I still felt like I needed to have the paper in my hand with the typed directions and map.  I resisted for all I was worth.  I was just so afraid to give in.  What if that crazy voice was telling me to turn someplace that I didn't want to go.  What if I lost connection with the satellite or my phone (or the unit) malfunctioned and then I ended up REALLY lost with no idea of where I was in the least?  I wouldn't have a map with directions.  I wouldn't know where I was at all. 

Eventually I gave in because Kevin had wanted it for so long and we had a 2,300 mile driving trip coming up to Boston.   I still printed out maps and directions from each of our destinations "just" in case it didn't work.  That GPS unit saved our sanity.  Traveling in Boston is quite interesting and it's fairly typical that street signs would suddenly start flashing that they were one way (though the map didn't depict that) due to traffic flow, construction, etc..  We navigated that city as if we had been there our whole lives.  Not once did we have to call for directions and never got lost.  Granted, we heard that voice say "recalculating" countless times (and her voice still reminds me of Peggy Bundy: Katey Sagal).  It definitely took the stress off of us on that major trip!

We had purchased the GPS plan on our phones for a temporary basis, month-to-month basis.  I had every intention to cancel it once we were home.  After all, we weren't going to need it for any trips and we definitely didn't need it for traveling locally. 

Fast forward a little over 2 years, this "hold out" can't imagine life without that little device.  Even around town I use it often to find the quickest route through the city or to find alternate routes when traffic is an issue (game days!).  I've used it on countless homeschool trips when I've taken the kids alone to places I've NEVER been.   It gave me a great sense of comfort the first time I made the 380 mile trip "home" with the kids alone.  Now that I've made that trip MANY times alone, I still love having it because I know almost exactly when I will arrive or how far away from gas/food/rest areas I am.  If the kids ask how long until we stop, I can say 18 minutes or whatever it happens to be. 

I've often wished life came with a GPS system.  I wish I could just touch a little screen, type in some information and come out with a road map.  I wish I had that annoying voice telling me that I would reach my destination at such and such time.  I wish when I came to an intersection she would tell me if I should go straight or turn another direction.  I wish she could tell me that I need to slow down because I have an intersection or merge ahead.  I wish she could warn me that I need to switch lanes.  I even would like to hear that "recalculating".  At least then, I could start with a new direction.  I wish she could tell me that my next stop was only so many minutes away.  I wish she could tell me where all of the important stops on my journey will be.  I even wish I could touch a few screens and see how all of the roads intersect, the big picture, and all the alternate routes.

Unfortunately, that GPS system for life doesn't work. 

Instead, I have to rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the road map of the Bible.  Scripture teaches right from wrong.  The Holy Spirit leads, guides, and convicts.  I can't go wrong when listening to both.

Granted,  I WANT to know more information.  I want to know exactly what the next step is.  I want immediate answers in making decisions.  I want to know how all of my little decisions matter in the big picture.  I want to know how the little steps connect to form that bigger picture.  I want to know the end results now.  I want the option of "recalculating" when I've gone the wrong direction.  An instant do-over!  I never want to feel lost or uncertain. 

Rea life is well....reality.  It isn't as simple as touching a few screens. 

For now, I will trust.  I will hold on with all I have in me to what scripture says and I will listen for the whispers in my heart of the Holy Spirit.  I will be patient.  OK----I will try to be patient.  I will embrace the "waiting".  OK----I will try to patiently embrace the waiting.  Neither are going to steer me wrong.   I might have to wait a little (or a LOT) longer for answers than I want, but I'm learning that maybe THIS is where God wants me.  He wants me clinging to Him and holding on when things are so uncertain.   He doesn't want me searching for the answers and finding my directions from the world....only from Him and from the ways He provides.  I may completely wish I could see the big picture and know the immediate answers to questions that I ask and direction that I seek, but trusting Him is more important.  Trusting Him to be my Global Positioning System.  He won't steer me wrong.  I'm never going to have to worry about the satellite not working.  He may send me down a path that makes me feel "lost" or that I may think is the wrong direction, but it's guaranteed to not be.  He just sees the next turn that I can't see yet. 

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