Monday, December 26, 2011

Back Again!

Breaks are good things, right?

I've been taking a temporary break from blog-world.  Too much of a good thing can still be bad, right?

Last week was an emotionally tough week as the one year of the loss of my Dad came and went.  I needed the time "alone" to sort through all of those emotions.

I found myself behind on finishing up last minute Christmas gifts and had to work around the clock to get them finished.  As always!

This nasty little bug showed up at our house----the one called the flu.  Having the flu at Christmas REALLY put a kink in "our" plans, but all is well again!  Thankfully!  Germs have been chased away and everyone is mostly back to normal.  It hit me the hardest with my compromised immune system and being super-stressed, but even I'm bouncing back quickly. 

Next week starts some pretty big projects, with the greatest being Bible in 90 days and I needed a few days of "quiet" to help get my heart in gear!

Family.  They needed me.  They are my priority.  They deserved a bit more of my undivided attention!

Now....I'm back again.  Ready to hit blogging full speed ahead tomorrow!  I admit, I've missed it but the time away was IMPORTANT!

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