Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where is that SNOOZE button?

As much as I wish it were different or no matter how much I try, I just can't make the switch to being a morning person. Despite getting up at 6:30 for over a month now, I still just can NOT say I'm awake and functioning. On the flip side, talk with me at midnight and you'll find me perky and bouncy. It's the perfect time for my brain cells----I can make decisions much easier and my thoughts seem to be actually "connected" instead of disjointed like most of the rest of the day. How I wish I woke up "bright eyed and bushy tailed"! I could accomplish SO much more in a normal day if that was the case.

Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum IS my bright eyed bushy tailed 4 year old that doesn't gracefully or slowly wake up. He doesn't greet the morning slowly. He instead flutters those eyes open once, sees the sun and SPRINGS to life. No such thing as just "five more minutes" or hitting a snooze button with him. When his eyes open, his ENTIRE being is already in FULL speed and he doesn't slow down once.

Unfortunately, you put these two very differently wired brains together and a clash is going to happen. A typical morning immediately starts with demands. "I want to watch a show." "I want my turn on the computer; I want to play on PBS kids." "I want a drink." "I'm hungry." "Can I go out now?" All the while these demands are being thrown at me and my brain hasn't yet acclimated to waking up, I'm tossing around flailing trying to smack the snooze button. However, there is NO snooze button to be found. How I just wish the demands would start at a slower pace, you know after at least 10 brain cells have come together and I can at the very least string two thoughts together. Nope....hasn't happened yet.

That scenario this morning brought about a different perspective. God reached out and found a way to speak to me in His typical fashion...unusual places, unusual ways.

I realized that as much as I wish my morning could be delayed by hitting snooze on Bradlee at LEAST one time, God probably feels that way about me. I come to Him placing demands a million miles a minute. I need this, can you do this, PLEASE, HELP, HEAL, PROVIDE, RESCUE, RESTORE.....and the list goes on. Granted, most of the prayers are REAL needs for REAL people in REAL conflict. He LOVES to hear my petitions and cares about each and every one of my concerns. However, I wonder how much more effective my prayer life would be if I just slowed down and paused long enough to just worship Him and THOROUGHLY thank Him. After all, as I've blogged about before....God created us to WORSHIP Him, not to make demands of Him. That message has made it through my foggy brain again, so maybe I didn't "get it" enough the first time. So, TRACYE, slow down.....worship GOD first, completely thank Him for what he is doing in your life and the lives of others. It's OK to ask Him for everything else, but REMEMBER what the priority is and WHAT your purpose is. Worship. Gratitude. Yes, I think I'm beginning to see it more clearly, but I imagine there will be many more chances for Him to remind me of that again and again!

To go along with the theme of "slowing" down, I'm starting a new challenge. I'm going to choose one day a week (maybe two) and sometime during that day, I'm going to make sure I spend time encouraging someone else. I'm going back to the "old" way....the HANDWRITTEN note by snail mail! It was partially inspired by our family viewing of Letters to God. It also came from the incredible boost I feel when someone sends me an email out of the blue or a totally unexpected card comes in the mail. I'm a sucker for handwritten words. It's a lost art. So my challenge is in 4 parts (and I'm sure it will snowball and grow as time goes along!). A card/note handwritten from the heart to 4 people. Hopefully, it will result in 4 smiles.

  1. Someone that inspired, encouraged or made my life better growing up----a thank you for the blessing they were in my life.
  2. Someone that inspires me now, encourages me or drives me to be a better person now---a thank you for the blessing that they are NOW.
  3. Someone that is going through a difficult time---encouragement.
  4. Someone that is in the same place in life as I am and that I know could use an extra boost to get them through. (stay at home Moms and homeschooling Moms top that list!)

I'm excited just thinking about it. Just knowing HOW much a kind word has COMPLETELY changed the outcome of my days, I think it will be a blessing to PURPOSELY share that with others. Who knows, before long...maybe my list of 4 will grow to 10 times that!

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