Monday, February 22, 2010

Part 1: Why blog?

Why in the world would I want to start a blog? Do I not already have my hands full and struggle to balance everything "on my plate"? Am I not already addicted to Facebook?

The answers are fairly simple. I love to journal and I love to have records of the day to day life of my children. Scrapbooking is a HUGE passion of mine, but lets face it....I find it difficult to spend much time doing it. I'm currently over 8,000 pictures behind. I don't want to let normal life pass me by without recording it for my children.

However, the biggest reason is because I want a "place" to share my thoughts and be able to unashamedly share my faith. I love the connections that I have made on Facebook and the renewed friendships are PRICELESS. Unfortunately, I continue to come under fire for allowing my faith to be the FOREFRONT of my posts and status updates. I am finding that I am holding back more and more out of the desire to not "run off" my non-Christian or "on the fence" friends. The more I have done that lately, the more I have felt convicted of feeling like I'm ashamed of being a Christian or ashamed of who I am. I am incredibly thankful for the support I have found in cyber-world and the connection I have found with other Christian women, especially those that really "GET" the path I have chosen to take. I have begun to lose that much needed support system.

I guess you can say I'm reclaiming the fact that I am NOT ashamed to BOLDLY live a Christian life. I'm not ashamed to be on this path of raising my children & serving my family. Instead, I'm ready to live "out loud" and proudly proclaim that I'm thankful for the blessing of this life! Hard---oh yes! Worth it---undeniably!

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