Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"I can not tell you how appreciative I am, and humbled that God allows me to be part of his plan. It's like being on the Olympic team, winning, and not having any talent. Isn't God good-He always does more than we expect and gives us more than we deserve."

I read this statement on a blog this morning. Pam, a morning show host of our amazing Christian radio station, was talking about her experiences of currently being in Haiti. It really grabbed my attention the first time I read it and I found myself being drawn back to it over and over. Even though she was talking about something MUCH greater than my day to day life, I was able to immediately identify with her....just in a much smaller capacity.

I don't have a global ministry or one that reaches thousands of listeners on a daily basis, but I still have a mission field. It's my own home. It's the 20+ 2nd graders that Kevin & I spend our Wednesday nights with. It's the babies that I get to rock & feed on Thursday mornings at Parent's Morning Out. It's the moms & dads I sit hours with watching our daughters practice and compete gymnastics. It's that same lady that calls me "hun" as she hands me my diet coke the hundreds of times I pass her way in a month (slight exaggeration....maybe not!) It's the moms at story time and on the playground. It's the moms I share time with on home school field trips. It's the "friends" on facebook. Those places ARE a mission field. Any place, any chance that I have to show love in action becomes the place that GOD wants me to be in. Though I did dream of working in an orphanage in Honduras in my late teen, early adult years---God put me in a different mission field. It isn't glamorous or news-worthy. It doesn't reach hundreds at a time. I'm not standing on a stage teaching to thousands. However, I am reaching one little individual at a time and that one little person has the potential of being that NEXT missionary, teacher or leader. WE have NO idea what God has in the future of those around us. I have no idea what is in store for my own children... but God does. "Little is much when God's in it!"

Like Pam said, I am humbled by the fact that God allows me to be part of His plan. I can't see the whole picture, but HE can and to know that He wants me as part of it is humbling & empowering. When I get stuck in the day to day doldrums that sometime come (and can come often), I can find comfort in knowing that I'm where God wants me. Being part of God's plan DOES feel like winning an Olympic medal on a winning team. I may be the "bench warmer" not getting the chance to shine or I may not ever get the chance to be the first "string" or MVP, but I'm on the team! I may not have the talent of the team captain, but God sees me as being perfect enough in His eyes to be a part of the team. May I ALWAYS remember that and let it soak in! Thanks to Pam for reminding me what a joy and privilege it is!

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