Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spiritual & Physical Health

Exercise is not something I've been consistent about EVER in my 38 years of life.  "Real" exercise that is. 


However, I'm on a quest to make it reality.  For the last couple of months, it has become a habit that I've not been able to skip. 


The benefits are visible.  The benefits can be felt physically.  They are obviously making an internal difference. 


I probably could have gone for more years without it. 


My life would be shorter.  My health would be poor.  My quality of life would be less. 




I could probably do without it.


Until the day I died.  That day may just have come sooner.  (Pardon the morbidity, but it's the honest truth.)


A shower after exercising---ok, after REAL exercise---may not be a necessity for life, but it is a necessity.


It washes away the filth and toxins.

It relaxes sore muscles.

It gives me a chance to catch my breath.

It gives me a few minutes to take advantage of the clarity of mind that comes after a good workout and prioritize the needs of the day.


Exercise has a parallel to my spiritual life and the way I spend one-on-one time with God in a personal, intimate relationship.

Without it I can live.

However, my quality of life will suffer.

Just like a shower after exercising, spending time with Him is beneficial.

He washes away the toxins, the smell, and the sin.  Only He can do that.

It gives me a chance to catch my breath. Focusing on Him takes so much of my focus off of me.

It gives me clarity of mind. He listens and speaks. He gives me the rest my soul needs. 

Without that time:  I stink.  I'm walking around in my own filth. I can't think.  I'm off balance.  I can't focus.  I can't truly rest.  I can't grow stronger.  I can't even handle the normal daily activities, much less be prepared for things that are difficult.  Just as weak muscles and poor cardio health can't handle daily demands, much less times of stress or extra activity.

Any time you add in an extra activity or make something a priority, it's very easy to find that something else falls down the list. 

I realize today that my spiritual needs are slipping. 

I still pray.  I still read my Bible.  I still do a devotional.  I still write and memorize scripture.  I spend time in worship.

However, it's rushed.
It's more as a check-list.
I'm not giving myself the freedom to get "lost" in His word or studying with the same intensity.

I feel like I'm getting in that high intensity workout, but going through my day without a shower.
I'm getting the job done, but I'm not giving myself the full benefits!

I'm greatly struggling with some issues.  Satan has really been edging his way in to my weaknesses and taking that little door I'm giving him and letting the wedge grow.  I'm not letting my mind be transformed as I know I should be---I'm just squeaking by.

I'm not giving up the physical exercise even though it takes an hour and a half out of my day from start to finish.

I just have to find a new balance.  That tends to be an area I struggle with. 

It may simply just be a matter of focus.  No matter how much time I spend with Him, if my heart isn't fully attentive, I'm really wasting my time.  If I'm just going through the motions, no one benefits.

It may be a matter of cutting something else short or giving up something else. 

Whatever the solution may be:  I have to find it. 

Spiritual health matters.  Physical health matters.  I need both. 


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