Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whirlwind, Thinking Big, and Gratitude

Life has me a bit spinning in circles at the moment.  I don't often know whether I'm coming or going and stopping to slow down just really isn't on the schedule at the moment.  However, I NEED it.  I'm craving it.  I need some God time....which I'm working on in snippets and hope to have MUCH more in the coming days.  I also need some one-on-one husband time, which will happen tomorrow night----DATE night!!!!

Life is FULL speed ahead with the insanity that comes with VBS.  It's unbelievable how much work it takes to pull off a super-charged VBS for 500+ kids.  I'm just speechless many nights when I get home from meetings or work sessions and I see how dedicated all of the directors are and how thankful I am for the 200+ volunteers that will be working alongside of us.   Though I feel like I'm in over my head right now as these last days of prep are here and kick off is just around the corner, I've never been more blessed than I am right now.  The hearts of these women are amazing and they are inspiring me to NEVER settle for second best.  Though we have struggled with finding "our" place in regards to a church home, I've never been more thankful than for the relationships he has blessed us with in our church.  It has been a life-line like no other!

I'm just about to wrap up "my" project that I started late spring.  I've finished 77 pillowcase dresses and have 6-8 to finish this week and they will be ready for a friend to take on her mission trip to Ghana.  Though I originally had planned to just make a FEW, it grew because I felt that was what God was calling me to do.  I have such a heart for the orphan.  Though our dreams of adopting can't be fulfilled because of my medical exclusion, my heart just couldn't turn off the desire.  Making these dresses has filled such a hole in my heart.  Maybe someday God will open another avenue that will allow us the opportunity to open our hearts and home to a child in need, but for now this is where I can help.  I also LOVE the fact that many of the dresses have been made with fabric or lace that has been in our families for years.  It's been such a connection to those that we love and cherish, some which are no longer with us.  I used lace and material from dresses that Kevin's mom had used to make for Adriana and 25+ dresses have lace that Kevin's aunt, Lucy, had purchased years ago.  Both of those ladies are no longer with us and I know they would be honored to know that some little princess in Africa will be wearing it!  Many pieces were made from material Teresa made MANY of my dresses growing up and many of Adriana's as well.  It has been great to walk down memory lane and think of them!  Though I am JUST beginning to learn to sew and my work is NO where near the quality any of those ladies would make, I'm still happy to know that the time has been well spent.  It has been VERY soothing to my soul MANY nights!  It has been such an avenue of blessing.  (I just hope no one looks closely at my handiwork!!!) :)

This week has been tremendous as I'm preparing to mentor a group of women that will be participating in the Bible in 90 days challenge that starts the 11th. I'm a bit overwhelmed right now.  I truly want God to use me in such a huge capacity during this time.  I'm SO not taking this responsibility lightly!  I'm already praying over the names as they are assigned and can't wait to open the doors of communication with them once I get the go ahead that the assignments are complete.  Today, I also started receiving numerous emails from the other mentors that are in my group.  I don't know exactly how God is going to use us, but I'm absolutely certain that it is a time to "Think Big".  I'm often reminded of those two words when I visit my sweet friend who is our Elementary Children's Minister.  Tonight, I was working in and out of her office on VBS and those words kept "looking" at me from her wall.  It was a reminder to "Think Big" because we so often put God in a box and put a limit on his power.  I'm just going to "Think Big", open my heart, and let God lead.  I can't imagine how lives are going to change----including my own!

Today, He showed me just a bit of how much He looks out for us and just a glimpse of the power He has.  Just a few minutes after getting up this morning, I had a facebook message pop up from my husband and then an immediate phone call followed from him.  Basically, he had a fire at work this morning but because of his quick thinking and CALM nature he was able to contain it and no one got hurt.  I was immediately struck by how easily it could have been NOT good news.  Listening to the adrenaline in his voice that is normally calm was a vivid reminder of how God had protected him.  Later in the day, I noticed something I hadn't really noticed earlier in the morning.  We have a suction cup hook with Bible verses hanging on our bathroom mirror (and a set in my van).  This morning the verse was showing Psalm 91:11.  "For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways."  Coincidence?  Not in my opinion.  Kevin also reminded me of how God had protected me yesterday.  My tire valve stem has a sensor that connects with the computer system that alerts when a tire is low.  That stem completely broke off and the tire went instantly PANCAKE flat.  Had it happened while we were on the road, an accident would have HIGHLY been likely.  Not only did it not happen on the road, it happened sitting in our driveway with Kevin home.  Though I'm stuck with a spare for a few days, I believe that is MUCH better than what could have happened!  It also is one of those things that has taken a chunk out of the budget, but I'm thankful that Kevin searched around until he found a replacement cheaper than the dealer and it should arrive even sooner than it would have to the dealer.  God was watching out for us in more ways than one!

Though I'm in a whirlwind and life is on HYPERSPEED, though not every situation is perfect, and I'm still struggling with many issues-----I couldn't be any happier.  God is reaching me deep down in ways I've never imagined.  Those months (even years) of struggle to find THIS contentment and connection to Him is really paying off.  I don't know where we are going, I don't know what is ahead----but I'm buckled in, holding on, and ready for the ride!

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