Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Progresso Lemon Panko Crumbs Review

Quite awhile back, I received a box of Progresso Lemon Panko bread crumbs and a Michael Chiarello signed cookbook.  About the time that it came is when life took such a drastic turn as we dealt with Dad's sudden illness and death.  At that point, I put blogging on the back burner except those postings that concerned our journey with him.  Now that we are in the process of getting life back on track as much as possible, I'm finally trying to wrap up lose ends and getting family life (meal planning, homeschooling, housework, and family time!) back in sync. 

First off:  the important, yet required disclosure *The information, Progresso Panko bread crumbs, and a Michael Chiarello's Bottega cookbook were sent to me by General Mills through MyBlogSpark. The opinions are authentic and 100% mine.*

As part of the myblogspark program, you are to try the product, post a review, and offer a give-a-way of the same product.  I didn't have the chance to offer the give-a-way on my blog with the whirlwind we were facing in the "typical" fashion of leave a comment and choosing a random winner.  I ,instead , randomly selected from my regular readers and submitted her information for the gift pack.  Erin F. was this winner and I know she received her package several weeks ago!  Congrats, EF!

Now, for MY review!  Last night I finally pulled out the box of Progresso Lemon Pepper Panko crumbs.  I made chicken tenders by dredging fresh chicken in flour, beaten eggs, and then the panko.  It was extremely easy!  As for the flavor, it was "different" than our typical chicken tenders....but I admit that "different" was great!  It got a thumbs up from ALMOST all of my picky family members.  Only Peyton was reluctant and that is NOTHING new.  Even he said it was "OK", so that is probably like me saying "great!"  The part I liked best was that the panko got crispier than normal bread crumbs and came closer to a "fried" chicken texture and let's face it....us Southerners at heart LOVE our fried chicken!  Kevin took the leftovers to work for lunch and he said that they were good the 2nd time around.  That's a winner in my book!  I was pleased enough with Progresso's product that I will be purchasing more in the future.  However, I think I am excited to purchase the Italian version the most!   I think THAT will even get a thumbs up from Peyton!

So, thanks myblogspark for the chance to try something new....and especially for something that my family found to be a positive!  Hopefully next time around, I won't have to wait nearly two months to get my "official" review posted!

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