Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thankful for the Simple Things

There is just something about the beauty of the season's first snowfall.  The WHITE fluffy view----not the black nasty slush that follows on our city streets.  Our first one of the year caught me by surprise and I found that it was very soothing to the soul.  Though I do NOT like Illinois winters in the least, even I had to just sit back in awe and wonder of the beauty that God put on display.  All in all, news reports are saying we had about 9 inches.  With the blowing and drifting, I have no idea how much we actually had.  I do know that by early this morning, our lower rung on our fence wasn't visible and it continued to snow until after 4:00 this afternoon. 

So far this weekend has been just what my body and soul has needed.  For the first time in weeks, I was able to put down the weight of the world and just ENJOY my family.  Kevin and I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning watching movies and TRULY laughing.  My heart needed that in so many ways and God gave us a few hours to just be "us" again.  The "us" that those around us talk about.  NOT the "us" that has been carrying such heavy weight.  I needed to wake up next to him this morning and FEEL like life was normal.  Normally he is gone hours before I am alert and by that time Bradlee has crawled in the bed to take over that empty spot.  Weekends are usually so on hyper-speed that we don't even get to enjoy that because it's jump up and go.  It was just what my heart needed!

The rest of the day may have been "boring" by some standards, but for me it was perfect.  The boys spent hours playing out in the snow and burning off lots of pent up energy.  Peyton shoveled our sidewalk and those of at least 3 neighbors.  Kevin and Peyton rescued a bunny that was stuck in our window wells and let her warm up inside a bit before releasing her.  Granted, it took MUCH longer to get Bradlee ready to go out then the actual time spent out.  It never fails that the first snow of the season leaves us scrambling to find all of the necessary gear.  I spent the majority of the day snuggled up in bed sewing while watching the snow fall.  Since no one had been in the back yard, I was able to see the "unspoiled" snow and it was just extremely soothing.  By the end of the afternoon, I put my final touches on the "biggest" project I had on my list for this Christmas.  I have MANY more things to make or do, but they are ones that can be done in a few hours at a time. 

As this evening is about to wind down, it's also about to bring us together as a family again.  Pot roast that has been cooking all day is being dished out for a late dinner since Adriana was gone for the most of the day.  A family movie has been chosen.  A movie for Kevin and I to watch afterwards has been loaded on the laptop and is ready to go.   Hot chocolate mugs are sitting on the counter waiting to be filled with everyone's favorite "extras" (marshmallows, Hershey kisses, peppermint sticks).  For us, life is about the simple things that make us a family.  Nothing matters more. 

There are times that I have been reminded today of the battles we are facing.  There are times that I could have found myself bogged down and broken.  Situations have come up that people have been incredibly insensitive, but it hasn't mattered.  All of "that" will still be there, but for THESE moments, I choose to wrap my arms around those around me and enjoy every minute.  THESE minutes are the ones that matter.  Our choices to change our priorities and take a different approach at life over the last months has prepared us to appreciate MOMENTS like these.  I'm grateful.  I'm blessed.  I wouldn't change "us" for the world. 

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