Thursday, June 19, 2014

Get Fit (Wisdom)

I'll be honest.  My time in scripture has been a struggle the last couple of weeks.  I recently finished going back slowly through the NT start to finish highlighting and taking notes.  Having completed the Bible in 90 days program multiple times as a reader and as a leader, I craved the going back through slowly and soaking it in.  Finishing left me floundering with "what now".  I couldn't get back into a rhythm and my focus was lacking.  I tried a couple of "plans" but didn't last more than a day or two because I just couldn't connect.


He took me back to Proverbs.

One of the places He can work the greatest power in my life. 

This morning, He reached in and grasped my heart and started shaping and directing and I'm  ready to see what He has waiting.

He really grabbed me in the beginning of chapter 2 (specifically verses 1-5). 

Though I've read those words numerous times, they really got my attention today.

Those verses are COVERED in action verbs.  Every few words are words that require action.

If you want to lose weight, get healthy, etc...  you have two ways to effectively do it and it last long term.  No quick fixes, but real long term lifestyle changes.  You change the way you eat and you get active.  To get fit, you have to change what you put in your body and how you move your body.  No overnight miracle drugs.  No quick results.

After reading those verses, the same thing hit my heart about wisdom.  I have to change the way I feed my mind/heart and I have to get active. 

ACCEPT my words
STORE up my commands within you
TURNING your ear
APPLYING your heart to understanding
CALL out for insight
CRY aloud for understanding
LOOK for it
SEARCH for it

....THEN you WILL understand the fear of the LORD

The rest of the chapters goes on to tell about the incredible benefits of His wisdom.

It doesn't say wisdom will just happen.  It doesn't say it's a gift handed over without effort.  Not arbitrarily given. 

Weight loss doesn't happen by just looking at the scale. 

Wisdom isn't going to happen just by holding His word in my hand.  It HAS to be in my heart.   I have to crave it.  I have to seek it with all I have.  Put His word into action.  Walk in His ways obediently. 

I can't do that if my eyes are off of Him and focused on circumstances, doubts, or fears. 

I can't do that if I'm harboring bitterness, anger, jealousy, etc...

I can't do that if I'm not applying His words to my life. 

It just isn't possible. 

I can't sit down with a gallon of ice-cream or box of doughnuts if I want to be healthy. 

I can't sit on the couch with my feet propped up if I want to be heart healthy.

Neither can I act in wisdom that I greatly desire if I'm not actively pursing Him.  Running after Him.  Feasting in His word.  Fasting from worldly pleasures. Pouring out of myself to find Him.

It's just not going to "just" happen without the effort. 

Nor are results going to happen completely overnight.  Granted, I believe that He does pour out wisdom at times because I've experienced His strength in my weakest moments and His direction spoken clearly to my heart when I've needed it most. However, if I want that to be the NORMAL instead of the UNEXPECTED, I have to actively be getting fit.  Fit through Him. 

A daughter seeking wisdom.

His child.

Soaking Him in.

Accepting. Storing. Turning. Applying. Seeking. Calling out. Crying out. Looking. Searching.

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