Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little Duck Organics---Review

More and more every single day I am becoming concerned with what we are putting into our bodies.   I am not *freaky* about it YET, but it is becoming a greater priority with each passing day. 

Two problems I am running into often with eating organically is cost and taste.  Unfortunately, healthy doesn't always mean TASTY because of our reliance for so long on additives, sugar, and other things that have tricked our taste buds.  When I find a product that my kids LOVE I literally get giddy. 

I have found a snack that is meant for toddlers, but I have to admit that I am so incredibly in love with them that I'm just as likely to be caught eating them.  Even though Bradlee is WELL beyond the toddler stage of just beginning to eat toddler foods, he has a favorite snack.  It's a snack that tastes AMAZING and I can absolutely have confidence in feeding him.  In regards to pricing, it isn't cheap.  However, it isn't extremely expensive either.  This is one of those items that I'm willing to pay for!  You know if I say that----you KNOW I must love it!

Let me introduce you to our favorite:

Strawberry Mango Tiny Fruits!  One word:  AMAZING!

The details that matter:
  • 100% organic fruit
  • NON-GMO verified (meaning that is is not genetically engineered)
  • Gluten Free (which is becoming increasingly important for MANY families)
  • No added sugar
All of these mean that I can feel GREAT about feeding it to my children eating it myself. 

I recently received a couple of packages from Little Duck Organics and Bradlee attacked the box immediately just because he knew from the little duck what was inside the box.  I easily barely managed to share a bag with a friend whose son recently began eating solid foods and is concerned with what she feeds him.  His review:  he loved the blueberry apple.   How incredible is that... a product that is enjoyed by the intended target age group (those just beginning solids and toddlers), my 5 year old claims it is has favorite, it is enjoyed by my 10 and 14 year old, and this ummm.... upper 30-something loves them!  Can't beat that! 

Flavors:  strawberry mango, blueberry apple, apple banana

A nutritionist friend of mine tells me that some new products are in the works from this company (which happened to be started by a dad in search of organic, no-sugar added snacks for his children).  I'm excited to see what that might be!

You can check out Little Duck Organics on their website here.  I generally order mine from Amazon or

One word of caution:  it's VERY easy to eat an entire bag in ONE sitting.  I won't name names about who might be guilty of doing that, but it would probably be the 5 year old and the 30 something living in our home.  :)

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