Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Blessings

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Just over an hour ago, the clock struck 12:01 and I was able to be the first one to officially wish my husband Happy Birthday.  It was one of those rare times that he was up at midnight! 

Happy Birthday to the man who:
  • walks each day in integrity
  • whose work ethic is unparalleled
  • can make me laugh even when I REALLY don't want to
  • gets slap happy goofy on weekends and the kids and I CHERISH those moments
  • whose highest calling is evident in the kind of father he wants to be and tries harder to be every day
  • agrees to my crazy schemes even when they are out of his comfort zone (crazy Halloween costumes, green hair on St. Patty's day)
  • partners with me equally in daily life whether that be cooking, cleaning, or anything else that is needed
  • lives his life under the authority of Christ (even though he feels like he is failing more often than succeeding, I KNOW his heart)
  • beats himself up constantly for past mistakes & finds it hard to forgive himself but forgives others FREELY and without HESITATION
  • treats me with respect and is a role model for the kind of man our daughter should seek someday
  • is openly affectionate
  • gives constantly of his time and resources, has a servant's heart
  • gets back up when people or situations knock him down
  • SNORES (just had to throw that one in since that snoring happens to be distracting at the moment)
  • strives to make our home Christ-centered even when the world says it doesn't matter
  • causes me to constantly be striving to walk closer with God every day so that we can together fulfill the purpose He has for our family
  • NEVER EVER hesitates when someone is in need of help
  • is happy with very little-----it isn't material things that he values
  • LOVES books and information, but NEVER finishes a book that he starts
  • Knows my love language and speaks it well even though it doesn't necessarily match his (though it was a hard lesson learned!)
  • tries again and again even when he fails
  • gives the most amazing backwards hugs on this planet!
  • more incredibly handsome every day (you KNOW I'm very partial to those gray hairs!!!)
  • in a nutshell:  a man of God and my best friend!
Kevin, I hope that today you put aside EVERYTHING negative that is going through your head and let the REALITY of who you are soak in.  You ARE an incredible man and I'm the most blessed woman on earth to have you as my husband.  Yes, there are times I absolutely want to pull my hair out and you drive me bonkers----but you are worth EVERY single second!  You are a tremendous man of God.  I know you feel like you never measure up, but I can see your heart and the desires you have.  Thank you for the laughter you provide.  Thank you for being my rock.  I'm more grateful EVERY single second for the relationship we have.  It is a RARE treasure!  Now, make today speed by so you can come home and dig into those amazing oreo cupcakes that are calling MY your name.  I've managed to leave your fudge alone, but I'm not sure how long I can resist those cupcakes! I'm looking forward to celebrating with you!  Save me a dance!  :)

P.S.  You should be proud of me for choosing your gift.  I actually went in a store, TALKED to a sales person and ASKED questions.  You know me, that is a STRETCH outside of my box! There is a first for everything.  :) 

P.S #2:  Please remember that since I didn't make you go up on stage this morning during birthday time in Wonder-Way that you should be so kind to me in a few weeks.

P.S #3:  Thank you for stopping snoring.  I might can sleep now!  :)

P.S #4:  If you've forgotten how old you are, just ask me and I'll remind you like always.  Let's just say it's a downhill slide now to 50!  (Oh wait....let's skip that part because that means I'm a downhill slide to 40...jeepers!) 

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