Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finding Answers

God shows up.  He never fails.  

We've been actively seeking, praying, and studying about wisdom.  We've been specifically praying as a couple for discernment and for God to openly speak to our hearts.  Rid our hearts of "junk" so we can more easily hear Him.  Our lists of areas that we are seeking wisdom seems to be growing as God has opened our hearts to that desire.  One particular area that I'm specifically searching for wisdom is in how I respond to situations that don't work out as planned, out of my control, or that "upset the apple cart".  In other words, learning to relax when things don't fit neatly in to my little check boxes of expectations.  

This morning things didn't fit in my check box of expectations.  

Instead of letting things spiral out of control, I remembered to practice what I had been learning.  

I talked to God.  I let Him know I was frustrated and I asked Him to help me put my priorities in order, to calm my anxious heart, and to keep my focus on the things that matter.  I asked Him to show me how to be more like Him and to react LESS like me.  

I had a conversation with my husband.  It was good to just grab 10 minutes of time and talk.  Normally that doesn't happen during the day much anymore, but due to various situations I ended up very unexpectedly not having either of my sweet "babies" today.  When he called at lunch, I was able to actually have a "real" conversation. We talked through some of my feelings about a couple of issues that are weighing heavy on me.  

Out of the blue, I decided to go through a basket in our bedroom that I've not gone through probably in well over a year.  I'm not sure why I chose to do that.....it isn't like a 100 other things I could have done with some unexpected downtime!

In the box I found something that I had written down  that reached a deep place in my heart. It's obviously from a book I had been reading.  As I've mentioned many times before, I'm horribly bad about taking notes from something and leaving them in odd places and then not knowing later the source.  I've been working on organizing notes I take from reading books and blogs, but just not completely "there" yet.  :)  

Regardless of the source, the words met me right where I needed it.  Not be coincidence.  Not by accident.  By design.  

It's an answer to some of the wisdom prayers. It's a partial answer to the prayers this morning of "righting my heart" and adjusting my focus.  

"This day comes equipped with a set of fresh opportunities.  In its joys and pleasures, I can show my gratitude to God. In its trials and temptations, I can prove my faithfulness to God. In its pains and hardships, I can demonstrate my trust in God.  In whatever form the day's events will bring opportunities for service...to God  and others, and chances to exhibit the virtues of faith, hope, and love."

Our prayers from last night and mine from this morning are wrapped up as answers in those words.  Nearly word for word, in order of what we were asking.  Not coincidence. 

Seeking wisdom. Finding it.

Even written on a piece of paper in the bottom of box/basket that has been touched in well over a year.  

God provides when we ask.  God provides when we make room in our hearts for Him and His direction when we purposefully crowd out the other clutter.  

Father, thank you for what you are teaching me.  Don't stop.  Even when I protest.  Don't stop. 

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